Drive it Day 2024

MHVG First Road Run 2024

MHVG Dinner Dance January 2024 at Bearsted Golf Club -  Dancing to "Chicory Tip".


MHVG Tour of Haute Normandie

 From Dieppe and Calais, in roughly equal numbers, 20 cars and crews descended on the little town of Saint Saens on the 3rd of May. Situated about 30 miles south of Dieppe, the Golf Hotel at Le Vaudichon, a Chateau with truly stunning grounds was the base for four nights. The area is largely rural with many forests and rolling countryside peppered with small villages. The smooth, pot-hole free roads gave an opportunity to exercise the cars in a manner rarely available to us in the crowded South East. With cars ranging in age from 1934 to 1970, touring the area for three days in fine weather saw us up on the Alabaster Coast at Veules les Roses and down to the mediaeval town of Gerberoy, with lots in between. Most crews racked up over 300 miles in that time with no mechanical mishaps.

The final day saw us parked in line at The Chateau de Vascoeuil to welcome the veteran and pre 1918 cars of the Teuf-Teuf Club of France on their stop-over on their run from Paris to Rouen. A truly fitting end to a memorable cross-channel touring event. 



Photos of MHVG Members enjoying themselves 2022