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We've selected a few destinations which we have visited recently


The Port of Honfleur - Honfleur, a harbour in Normandy, was popular with Impressionist painters like Monet and Boudin


Cambrai, formerly Cambray and historically in English Camerick or Camericke, is a commune in the Nord department and in the Hauts-de-France region of France on the Scheldt river, which is known locally as the Escaut river.


Herstmonceux Castle is a brick-built castle, dating from the 15th century, near Herstmonceux, East Sussex, England. It is one of the oldest significant brick buildings still standing in England.


We are a group of sociable car enthusiasts based essentailly in Maidstone but drawing membership from Hampshire to Dover. The accent is on interest in Classic Cars of all ages and types – indeed members’ cars range from Brighton Run cars to newish Morgan! In this we differ from single marque clubs and have a totally diverse membership covering most popular makes of Classic Car. The balance of activities and purpose is to meet togther for various activities we hold during the year – an even balance of cars and sociabilty. It’s not all about cars, it’s about the people who drive them and have an interest in the use and enjoyment of fine, older motor cars. Our events include an annual formal dinner dance, monthly club nights, Sunday and midweek runs typically of 30 – 50 miles around the countryside ending up at a suitable hostelry. In addition we run an annual treasure hunt, always seek to have a continental holiday in France, Belgium, Holland and a break within the UK.

John Butler

My husband, Peter, and myself joined the MHVG in July 2000. Our close friends at the time had been members since the early days of the club and, after repeated tales of their excursions abroad and in the UK, we decided to become members too. We had had old vehicles,(mostly pre-war ), for some time, attending the various static shows around the Kent area. Joining MHVG changed our lives! Now we were using the cars for their true purpose – exploring the highways and byways of our beautiful countryside along with a friendly bunch of like-minded enthusiasts. Soon we were out and about nearly every weekend throughout the Spring, Summer and Autumn. Once or twice a year we even ventured into northern France for longer stays. We had a whole new set of friends, including French members of the GAVAP motor club with which we were ‘twinned’. In 2005 I took over the role of Membership secretary and have continued in this ‘post’ ever since. Pete and I form part of the Committee which organises the events etc., a task we both enjoy doing. In recent years we have expanded our foreign tours to Holland and Belgium and spread our ‘wings’ further west in Normandy. Who knows where we will be motoring in the future ?- wherever it is I know we will enjoy the company of great companions on our travels in our treasured automobiles!

Joan Ross

Membership Secretary
I joined MHVG over 13 years ago, having been introduced by a very good but now, sadly-departed friend. Not being sure of what was expected from new members, my wife, Ann and I tentatively came along to one or two meetings to see what went on. Were we going to be bored stiff by technical stuff? Was our classic up to par? Was there a “bonnets up” mentality? And so on. Well, actually there was none of that. What we found was a very convivial atmosphere with everyone going out of their way to be friendly and interested. There were none of the cliquey groups that can plague clubs, and while the talk was car-related, it certainly did not detract from the experience. And so it is today. Having taken on the job of Social Co Ordinator a couple of years ago, I can reliably say that MHVG offers a well constructed mixture of social and active events with no competition or one upmanship. From the annual Dinner Dance in January through to our Christmas Party (with silly games!) the calendar covers 11 Club Nights, 7 Sunday Road Runs, 2 Mid Week Road Runs, 2 Away Breaks and much, much more. We regularly sit 50 to 80 people at our gatherings .

Hugh Thompson

Social Co Ordinator