This Austin-Healey 3000 MkII had been abandoned to a muddy grave. It took a mountain of effort, skill and money to make it perfect again The fellow who took his part-dismantled Austin-Healey 3000 to JME Healeys around 1990 would kick himself if he could see it now. Trouble is, company founder Jon Everard never heard

Dear MHVG members, The onset of Coronavirus has scuppered the printing and mailing of the Spring Magazine, so I am taking the liberty of sending it by email in a (hopefully) easy to open format that does not require access via the club website. I am aware that a number of us have come into

Cars Mazda’s MX-5 at 30: the story of history’s greatest roadster  By Chris Rowlands19 January 2019 Still the most fun you can have with the roof down Few things are still going strong at 30. Humans start to grey around the edges. Fridges hum worryingly. Jumpers lose all shape. But not the Mazda MX-5. Over

Cars How the humble Mini became a very British legend  By Chris Rowlands2 February 2019 As the iconic supermini turns 60, we ponder what made this diminutive car such a cult classic It started in a supermarket car park. While I waited for my better half to return with a wedge of parmesan, there came

1/8  1967 Ferrari 275GTB/4 What’s fame without a Ferrari? Not much – and McQueen naturally owned one of the finest: the 275GTB/4, a stunning Sixties GT as multitalented as the man himself. Delivered while the star was shooting Bullitt, he tasked Lee Brown – the man behind the movie Mustangs – with refinishing the hazelnut

George Harrison had a phenomenal selection of cars  By Benjie Goodhart25 February 2020 The former Beatles star loved cars, yeah, yeah, yeah. On what would have been George Harrison’s 77th birthday, we pick nine of his best drives… Money can’t buy you love, but it can buy you cars. Which, all things considered, is probably

The Citroën DS is technically unsurpassed, completely inimitable, has a great back story and is the most beautiful car of all time Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on email Email Share on whatsapp WhatsApp

Many men have the classic car bug hit them at some point in life. Maybe they want that car they dreamed about in high school (or actually drove, and still miss). For others, it’s the idea of taking a rundown classic and restoring it to mint condition. Some guys just like buying investment-grade cars with

1974: Anne Peace buys GRW 2N new – at a discount; chrome just wasn’t in ‘Argue all you like about the aesthetics of the rubber bumpers fitted to the MGB in 1974, but they were at least something new – on a car that had seen little development since its birth in 1962. Certainly MG

Rarely does any discussion of Bristol cars get very far before the name of LJK Setright pops up. For decades Setright penned erudite articles for Classic Cars – and other, lesser, organs – which more often than not sang the praises of the cars from Filton. He wrote the definitive marque history, the vast two-volume